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the microdelivery detoxifying oxygen peel
  • what makes this peel different?
    • the new microdelivery detoxifying oxygen peel combines the purifying benefits of a detoxifying mask with the brightening benefits of an oxygen facial.

      it works in two ways:

      activated charcoal absorbs and draws out pore-clogging dirt, impurities and toxins to purify skin without stripping it of moisture. our oxygenating complex, featuring exclusive barley leaf extract (rich in chlorophyll), delivers a shot of fresh oxygen to the skin to help energize and brighten skin.

  • what results can i expect?
    • after just 1 use: 83% of women felt skin was smooth, soft and hydrated.*

      after 3 consecutive uses: skin’s clarity is improved, looking more bright and radiant.**

      after 4 weeks: 81% of women agreed skin looks and feels healthy, like it can breathe freely.*

      *based on a 4-week self-assessment study with 48 women with acne-prone skin ages 20-35 using the product 3x per week.

      **based on a 3-day self-assessment study with 41 women with acne-prone skin ages 20-35 using the product 3x in a row.

  • how to use
    • step 1: apply a thick layer of the detoxifying charcoal gel onto clean, dry skin ensuring even application. do not rinse.

      step 2: apply a generous amount of step II directly on top of step I. massage in circular motions. foaming will begin to occur, indicating activation. leave on for 3 minutes.

      remove & rinse: remove by using the exfoliating derma blade. move the blade along the skin in a shaving motion. when complete, rinse any remaining product with water.

      use up to 3 times a week.